Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Summer Nail Varnishes

I love nail varnish all year through, but particularly when it comes to Summer time. It is a lot easier to experiment with different colours, and some often look different when you have a nice tan. Maybe we'll skip the tan for this post. I have also skipped on swatches... unless you wanted to see one finger at a time, and you couldn't tell where the nail started and stopped, then you're out of luck. All of the colours translate onto the nails almost as they look in the bottle.

Rimmel London 60 seconds in 825 Sky High, £3.69:
This is the perfect teal. I find one coat of this could be enough, but a second coat gives a smooth even finish. It's quite hard to go wrong with these polishes as they always give an even finish. Perhaps 60 seconds is not true, but it does dry pretty quickly. It lasts well, with a good top coat, around three days before any sign of chipping.

Essie Lapiz of Luxury, £7.99:
I picked up this gorgeous sky blue colour when there was a hype around Bikini So Teeny. I much preferred this one, and I am glad I chose it. I've worn it quite a lot throughout the year as I think it is quite a versatile colour. You are able to build up the opacity by applying in thin layers. Like all Essie polishes, it lasts roughly four/five days before chipping. I love wearing this one on my toenails as it's a flattering colour.

Essie Meet Me at Sunset, £7.99:
I thank Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup for this purchase. Her post claiming that it was a possible dupe for Chanel's holiday had me hotfooting it to my nearest Essie-stocked Boots. It is a gorgeous orange colour with a good mix of red. The perfect colour for matching fingernails and toenails. I feel like the brush on Essie polishes does most of the work for you.

Topshop Firework, £6:
This is my one and only glitter polish. I'm not mad about glitter, but I was sucked in by the sparkly accent nails a couple of months back. I have worn it alone, one coat adds a nice subtle sparkle, but two coats really ramps up the glitter. I prefer to wear it over a light purple polish, or a lilac based grey colour. I usually save this pretty for nights out, but I think it's perfect for Summer.

Rimmel London I ♥ Lasting Finish in Hotshot (270), £2.99:
This little number is a lovely hot pink colour. The pink looks really good with a tan... Although a tan isn't necessary as it compliments pale skin, and brightens up the nails. I have had this one for a while and find it quite gloopy now, but much like Sky high, a coat or two and you're ready to go. A base and top coat are needed to prevent early chipping.

What polishes are getting you in the Summer mood?
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Hope you're well. xo


  1. I Love my Essie, Meet Me at Sunset- one of my favorite colors!

    1. Mine too! Looks so gorgeous in the summer x