Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Body Shop: A Guide to Smooth Skin

Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

The first half of my perfect pair is The Body Shop's body scrub in cocoa butter. The little exfoliating beads look close together inside the pot, but they spread rather nicely and sparsely, when applied to the skin. The beads work well to ensure any dead or dry skin is banished away, while smoothing the skin, without being too harsh. I have only used the scrubs on wet skin, never on dry, but I am intrigued to see how it would fair. The scents of these products are amazing. They linger on your skin for the perfect amount of time. If you'd like a longer linger, I would say to use the same scent in the body scrub and body butter. Some of the scents compliment eachother really nicely so it doesn't matter if you use different ones. Recently, I tried out the Palmer's gradual tanner and used this scrub when it was fading. The scrub proved to help in speeding up the fading process. And managed to prevent the dreaded scaly looking skin after tanning. 

 Does the scrub look like biscuit crumbs to anyone else? Just me then.

Satsuma Body Butter

The satsuma body butter is the other half of my cute couple. I have long had an affair with The Body Shop's body butters. But my relationship with moisturising, is well, rather dry. I admit it, I don't moisturise daily. And I only really do it when I remember. I love using these body butters for numerous reasons. They are a lovely, thick cream of a rich texture. The scent of the butters makes me weak at the knees. Every scent is just as delicious, my favourite probably being pink grapefruit. The butters live up to their name as they melt into the skin, giving just the right amount of moisture. I find they need some time to sink in, due to their thick consistency. For this reason they aren't exactly a quick fix moisturiser, but that gives them a more luxurious feeling. 

Both the small (50ml), and large (200ml), pots of these products last a lengthy amount of time. They are a good value for money, and the pots can be re-used to store different products afterwards. I like to use them to keep my bobbles and hair grips all together. 

Have you tried either of these products? Which scents are your favourite?

Hope you're well,

Hannah ox


  1. Argh!! I want to try both.. Even though the scrub really does look like biscuits. Haha.



    1. Keep checking online and instore for offers on the smaller tubs, they're often something like 3 for £8! x

  2. Oo I love orange and satsuma flavoured things, bet it smells delish

    1. It smells so lovely.. they all do! x