Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shopping the Sales

It has taken me a while to round up the last of my sale purchases but I am now complete. And very satisfied. I'm not one for sales, I detest rummaging through sale rails in shops whilst slipping on sheer blouses that have been strewn all over the floor. I have even had one of those incidents where I've picked up an item from a rail and felt the pull of an angry woman opposing me, staring me down until I crumbled. Sale shopping often resembles survival of the fittest.

Maybe a slight exaggeration but I like to think of the cafeteria scene in Mean Girls where Kady pounces for Regina George. 

| Trousers - Urban Outfitters | Tie Dye Shorts - Urban Outfitters | Jeans - River Island | Skirt - River Island, (similar here) | Jumper - Topshop | Studded bags - Urban Outfitters | 

It was a couple of days before Christmas when I made the River Island order. Six/seven years ago you couldn't keep me away from the place but now I hardly flinch when passing. I found this jacquard knitted skirt in their sale for a mere £10 and these jeans that have that soft, jegging-like feel to them for around £15. 
I couldn't help but hop onto my laptop early Boxing Day morning to have a gander at the sales from the comfort of my bed. It doesn't help when your inbox is bombarded with the dreaded but delightful sales emails. First stop was Urban Outfitters. I find that some of their items are a little pricey normally but they have amazing sales. I hovered over the trousers for a day or two, ended up caving and ordering the shorts aswell. I think both items were around £20 plus student discount... maths never has been my strong point.
Bracing the shops and leaving my bed proved easier than I had thought a week or so after Christmas. I found this Topshop jumper in Outfit for either £12 or £20. I had been wanting a black and white sort of speckled knitted jumper for a while so nabbed this one. I then reverted back to my bed where I am always at my best, especially when it comes to shopping. Perusing UO (again), I came across the duffle bag (still on sale here!) with the studs at the bottom. I'd had my eye on it for a while so couldn't resist and before I knew it the studded zip bag just happened to arrive along with it. Both of these bags amounted up to just £30. They are both actually quite spacious and bigger than I expected.

So a very long overdue post but hopefully worth it. I am very happy with my buys and order you to go check out the UO website now. They still have a couple of items on sale now.

Have a lovely week,
Hannah ox


  1. your studded bags are gorgeous! xxx


    1. Thank you Sophie! I feel like they add such a cool vibe to an outfit xxx

  2. Love the bag, gorgeous! :)


  3. really love the shorts

    1. Thank you Georgina :) they are a little short and revealing, but nothing a good pair of tights can't sort out haha xx

  4. I love the topshop jumper - good pick.
    Lots of love from New Zealand,

    1. Thank you! It's such a good piece to have xx